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      Prof. Aldo P. Peretti

    He was born on february 13, 1932 at Buenos Aires, Argentina. He received his universitary degree in 1959, at the local University, and started there his teaching career, which later included his passage by six other Universities, so that at present he has taught along 52 years (apart from other activities).

    In 1974 he founded with the late Dr. Carlos Raitzin the "Bulletin of Number Theory
    and Related Topics", that since 1986 up to 1991 was sponsored  by the Universidad del Salvador. There were published  81 papers coming from mathematicians of all the world, that were reviewed in Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt fur Mathematik.
     Later he became part of the Editorial Board. of the Bulgarian journal "Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics", of "Coperti Revista of the University of Sibiu" and "General Mathematics" of Sibiu University

    He has published more than 70 papers on Number Theory appeared in several journals; about half of them concerned with Diophantine Equations.

    The present book improves remarkably over his precedent work on the subject , and is the definitive result of 30 years of intensive research on the field.

    As the reader can understand reading only the book´s index, here is developed a very general method for solving almost every kind of Diophantine equation, not only over the integers, but also over any sequence of numbers.

    The book,¯continues the great tradition of Hardy, Littlewood and Ramanujan‚?according to the personal statement of Prof. A.Mullin.


    Your observations will be welcomed to aldopperetti@gmail.com
    This book can be partially reproduced quoting the source.